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Scaling Scrum (3-4 teams) (Part 2)

This builds on Scaling Scrum (3-4 teams) (Part 1) Part 1 looked at the situation where there were multiple teams working on a single product. This will look at instances where there are multiple teams working on different projects/products in the same organisation. i.e. each team has a different backlog. Remember the rule though 1 product = 1 backlog!
What we are going to do here is to make sure that separate products/projects are in sync with each other and dependencies are made visible and met with minimal delay.

Some examples may be:

Claiming Points (It's not Done until it's Done)

I recently came across a Scrum team that was working in what I felt was a bizarre manner. A manner that was undermining their credibility. The business was losing confidence in them, by association the other teams and Scrum in general.

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