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Blog: March 2012

Why use avatars for scrum team members? (Part 1)

Before we even get near this, you really have to be using a physical visible story board. Especially for a new team. Here are a few reasons why (expect more detail in will come up again in a later blog)

Misconceptions about Agile methods

It is unfortunate that this is all too often the perception of Agile methods, at least initially, in an organisation. What it does highlight though is that unless there is an organisational change in thinking and culture, you are forever going to have problems and be fighting a losing battle. Agile needs to be accepted and understood across the entire organisation including management.

Scrum Checklist

How can you tell if you are using SCRUM or are you a Scrumbutt?
Work through the checklist below and see how you are doing.

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