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Why use avatars for scrum team members? (Part 2)

In my prevous post on this, I mentioned a few reasons why using avatars is important, both in Scrum terms as well as in helping build and meld the team.
One of the many problems a Scrum team has, especially new teams, is irregular burnup across the iteration. It is also not uncommon to see a very slow burnup (almost flatlined) across the iteration and then a steep burnup curve during the lsat few days. This is exactly not what we want, burnup like this puts undue pressure on everbody.
What you then find is:

Why use avatars for scrum team members? (Part 1)

Before we even get near this, you really have to be using a physical visible story board. Especially for a new team. Here are a few reasons why (expect more detail in will come up again in a later blog)

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