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Practical Agile Aims

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This site is here is to provide practical advice, tips, tricks, techniques and tools to help you implement and maintain Agile and Scrum processes in a green organisation or team. The idea is to help you get over those difficult hurdles you get when implementing big changes and to help you not make the mistakes eveyone else makes. If all we do is help you reduce the impact of those mistakes when implementing Agile techniques then it will have been worth it.

Please have a look at the polls I have set up and add your vote. This will help me focus my efforts. Feel free to contact me via the contact form and post your comments and views on the forum.

The Agile or Scrum advice is based on best practice as well as actual implementation and use of Agile techniques in a variety of organisations and using both on and offshore teams, as well as local, remote & mixed teams.