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Daily Scrum / Stand-up agenda

  1. User Stories (Update from team on each active User Story (What I have done since the last stand-up & What I intend to do before the next stand-up)
    Include an explicit ‘I have no impediments’ statement if true. Don’t wander into a discussion here, write it down as an offline and address in the surgery after the sprint.)
  2. Burn - Up (Update the Burn-Up charts with most recent successes)
  3. Off - Lines (Update on outstanding off-lines from agreed owners)
  4. Leeches (Update Leeches. This is simply a log of unplanned time spend by team members on items not directly related to the sprint or product backlog. It is effectively time that has been stolen from the sprint)
  5. AOB (Any other items that the team needs to know about)
  6. Surgery (This happens immediately after the sprint to address any offlines or other impediments. Only those needed to address an item need attend.)

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