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Free practical Agile Scrum tool now available!


A free, simple and easy to use Scrum tool that is specifically aimed a teams new to scrum that don't want to battle with learning a complicated tool while busy learning scrum. The tool (I hope) helps re-enforce Scrum principles, makes sure everybody knows what is happening and who is looking after it.
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It is browser based and targeted for internal facing use. There are two installs a completely standalone one that uses specific mysql and apache ports so that is can co-exist with pretty much any existing installation even if it already contains an existing web server or mysql instance. The archive contains minimal installations for php, Mysql and Apache and is everything you need to get up and running. Download, Extract, Start and Use

A full install (.7z) (6.9MB)
A full install (.zip) (11.1MB)

The second contains the application only (along with everything the application needs). You will need to supply the web server, Mysql database and php and configure them appropriately.

Application only (.7z) (2.3MB)
Application only (.zip) (3.6MB)

Both are simple archives that require no install (you will need to extract them though.)
Use the username/email: admin
and password: admin
both case sensitive!

Some of the key features are
• Free & Simple to Use
• A Story Hierarchy
• Automatic calculation of epic/parent size
• Story Tasks, Comments and Tags
• Drag and Drop Story & Epic ordering
• Multiple projects
• Users allocated per project
• Multiple Views (List, Tree, Board)
• Burn-down/up and graph
• Customisable Story Status
• Customisable Story Size
• Customisable Story fields
• Import and Export of Stories
• Export Search results
• Easy to install
• Individual user logons
• Admin Users
• Dynamic burn-up and Project completion prediction

If you are looking for a tool that integrates with things like Jira, GitHub, Basecamp, your SCC system …. Then this is not the tool for you. While it does support the logging of expected and actual time against tasks, this is for the team to use to help them with estimating and refining estimates, it is not a management stick/reporting tool.

This tool is squarely aimed at helping to get a scrum team on their feet, help the product owner and the rest of the team manage the product and iteration backlogs without losing sight of the big picture or what business value user story each little piece of work supports.

The database does do a lot of work rolling things up and down but it copes well with both small and larger projects. A 1200 Point, 50 Iteration project is coped with easily.

A lot of work has been put into making it useful and easy to use by anyone that needs to touch it. It has a core set of features without which it would be useless, a number features aimed at making life easy and a few nice to have’s. Team members can easily update tasks and stories the PO can break work down into themes or feature sets, and the team can further break them down into chores and tasks

Granted better use of Ajax could be made to make refreshing of a few things better, but for the time being, f5 does ok.