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General Notes

There is a template Project where the admin user can set sensible defaults for new projects. This includes things like Points Templates, Story Types, Story Status

When a project is deleted, stories, comments, tasks, story status and story type for that project are also deleted.

Velocity, burn-up etc. are calculated on change of Iteration, value or status these are cascaded up through the epics as well as to the iteration and project totals. All Points and Status updates are timestamped so progress during the project and iteration can be tracked.

Changes made to a story, during an iteration, will be reflected on that date in that iteration. If they are made before the iteration has started, they will appear as though they happened on the first day of the iteration. If they change after the iteration has ended, they will be reflected on the last day of the iteration.

e.g. We have a Iteration-1 running from 1st to 14th of a month and Iteration-2 runs from 15th to 28th of the same month. If a story in Iteration-1 is changed to ‘Done’ on the 15th, the points will assigned to the 14th (the last day of the iteration containing the story). If the changes were made sometime in the previous month, they will appear on the 1st .